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Щенщина чудом выжила в аварии , зажатая между двумя автомобилями .

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Переводчик google - Это ужасный момент женщина дробится между тремя автомобилями , как она пытается пересечь дорогу с интенсивным движением - и чудом избегает невредимым. Аварии, снятые на CCTV камеры магазина , показывает женщину в белом попытке пересечь дорогу мгновений до столкновения трех автомобилей - отправки одного мчится в линию припаркованных автомобилей .
В результате аварии привели оживленной улицы Alum Rock , в Бирмингеме, в тупик , как покупатели опасались худшего.
Прохожие могли только наблюдать в ужасе, как красный автомобиль протаранил Luckiest Pedestrian Ever
This is the horrific moment a woman is crushed between three cars as she tries to cross a busy road - and miraculously escapes unscathed. The crash, captured on a shop's CCTV cameras, shows the woman wearing white attempting to cross the road moments before three cars collide - sending one careering into a line of parked vehicles.

The accident brought the busy Alum Rock Road, in Birmingham, to a standstill as shoppers feared the worst.

Passers by could only watch in horror as a red car rammed the stationary silver car into the woman who was left pinned underneath the crumpled wreckage.

Incredibly, the woman - whose identity is unknown - escaped with 'non-life threatening head injuries' in the pile up, which happened at 3.40pm on October 20.

Nobody has yet been arrested for the crash.

Another woman and a 10-year-old boy were also injured in the pile-up but are expected to make a full recovery.

Shopkeeper Abdul Jabbar, 44, who witnessed the crash, said: 'A woman got squashed between two cars - a silver car and a parked black one.

'Everyone was shocked.

'Then the police and ambulance came.'

A member of staff from a nearby Dixy Chicken takeaway gave first aid to one of the injured women.

An elderly man who also watched the crash said: 'There was a crowd of people.

'A young woman was standing there and her nose was bleeding.'

West Midlands Police are investigating the incident.

A force spokesman said: 'Police were called at around 3.40pm on 20 October after a vehicle collided with three parked vehicles and a pedestrian on Alum Rock Road.

'Two women suffered non-life threatening head injuries while a 10-year-old boy suffered a leg injury.

'Inquiries are currently ongoing.

'Drivers were spoken to at the scene but nobody has been arrested.'